Hello everyone, 

Thank you for stopping by my funding page!


I am a tenor studying for a 2-year Master of Arts degree at the Royal Academy of Music.

I was lucky to be eligible for a Master's student loan, but unfortunately at postgraduate level, this only covers half of the tuition fees. The course fee is £12450, of which £5611 is covered by the student loan, leaving the remainder to be raised by myself.


Furthermore, as RAM only offered me a place in September (on the first day of term!), I missed out on funding applications towards my first year (2020-21). RAM has awarded me a £1000 bursary for both years, but as it is not possible to retrospectively apply to funding bodies, I need to rely more on donations towards covering my fees for my first year, enabling me to continue my studies at RAM.


I am so grateful for any help you could give me. All the money raised will go towards my tuition fees, allowing me to pursue my dream of becoming an opera singer, and to fulfilling my potential.


- Donations of £250 and more will be eligible for a recording of a song/aria of your choice.

- Donations of £500 and more will be eligible for a Zoom concert for you and your friends.

- Donations of £1000 and more will be eligible for a private concert or a performance at a function of your choice. Contributors of this amount will also receive recognition online and in concert programmes


Thank you for your support!


With love,